Spring Fever Regatta 2013 Photos

Thank you for visiting our photo web pages.

This year I want to give a very special thank you to Dale and Barbara Stevenson who not only took all of the photos posted here but have also created the daily slideshows. Those of you who have had the "opportunity" to do this will recognize what a hugh undertaking this was.

Be sure and drop them a note at: BarDalePhotography@gmail.com and maybe, just maybe, we'll entice them back next year. (As you can see from the great results, I've taught them everything I know about "piture takin")

Also, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience that the photo boat may have caused you out on the water. I can only hope that the end results justifies the means.

iPad and iPhone users will probably not be able to view these slideshows as I've yet to find an application that offers the ease of creating slideshows for the web in HTML as Lightroom does with FLASH. I'm still looking however.


Friday Photos

Saturday Photos

Sunday Photos - Not Ready Yet


I'll be glad to set up links for photos that you may have taken that you would like to have added to this website.

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