Mister Ernie the Fireman Clown has Retired!

Chitty Chitty Clang Clang, his famous miniature, gas-powered Mini Fire Engine will now be entertaining young and old up in the Toronto Canada area.

(I will be adding photos here of her new Shriner Clown activities as I receive them.)

Chitty Chitty Clang Clang


Mister Ernie was a Fireman with the Clown Town Fire Department and purchased this miniature Model-T Fire Truck for use in parades, school fire-prevention programs, Special Olympics, and other community events.

It was manufactured by The James Mini-car Company and has been modified by Mister Ernie to include an electric-start 4HP Briggs & Stratton engine with a 3 speed forward & reverse transmission.

The body is fiberglass over a steel frame with custom lettering (See below)

Mister Ernie also added a REAL siren, flashing red lights and, of course a hose to go with the ladders. He also built a Water/Ladder trailer, also with flashing lights, that carried confetti which other clowns threw at crowd from small red "Water" buckets.

This little fire engine will carry a 250# + adult plus, Mister Ernie occasionally carried Granddaughter "Rainbow the Clown" along in the parades on her special seat or in the water tank when she got a little older.

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